August 2012 Entries

Yesterday I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for the first time (all 8.5GB) and after 20 years of (mostly) happy times using VS they have removed Macros, one of the most handy features.

The first thing I wanted to do when I upgraded my VS2010 project was to add a #elseif block to each file. This would usually be simple case of find in files of the previous #elseif and then Ctrl+Shift+R to record a macro which would be: F8 (to select the next file from find list), F3 (to find the correct position in file), Ctrl+V to paste the new code. Then all I would need to do is keep Ctrl+Shift+P (Play Macro) pressed until all the files were processed.

But alas Ctrl+Shift+R does nothing! I won’t say that I use Macros every day but it was a very useful feature.

To continue my moaning a little more, I also don't like the bland interface. This has been well documented by others, but now I have used it myself, I find it difficult to tell one grey area of screen from another and the lack of colour makes the icons unclear.

I also don't see why the menus now need to SHOUT in capital letters?

On the plus side, they have now added the ability to see WPF properties in the debugger...a bit of an oversight in Visual Studio 2010. Oh, but you still can't edit and continue on files that contain templated code.

Whilst Visual Studio 2012 is not a complete disaster like Windows 8 (why develop a desk top OS to be the same as a Smart device OS), it does not float my boat.

Rant over.