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This week's Virtual Brown Bag topics:

  • Houston TechFest Recap - You can download slides from Claudio, JB & George's presentations
  • MV Envy: What are these MVx patterns all about? What are the differences between MVC, MVP and MVVM?
  • The latest episode in JB's continuing saga of building the new Virtual Brown Bag site ( using Ruby on Rails. This week he talked about adding a registration/login feature, and using Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) and Exceptional (Exception tracker/notifier for Ruby apps)

Links and video recording:

My current work site doesn't allow streaming internet audio, so I can see the VBB LiveMeeting, but I can't hear it. That makes it just a little difficult to follow. In an effort to start updating the VBB wiki in real-time during the meetings again, I'm going to try the free wireless at the McDonald's down the street.

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