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Not much hoopla this year over the one year anniversary of Vista. In fact, when I was part of the Microsoft Foots program last year which allowed me to talk to customers at a popular Best Buy in Orlando, FL there was no excitement with customers when I showed them all the new features of Vista along with the new version of Microsoft Office 2007. 

I often wonder if Vista will ever get accepted at all. Sure all new notebooks have Vista installed on it but what about those PC's that could upgrade to Vista but have not and it looks to me they might not ever.

Personally, I like Vista and have it on an HP notebook. I do admit that I had to bring the notebook back to have it checked after a month using it because it would freeze during sleep mode. Once that was fixed, cross my fingers, everything has worked like a champ.

One thing customers are ignoring about Vista is that the security features do work. A one year vulnerability report has been issued that is worth looking at if you don't think Vista  security works.

Maybe the new upcoming service pack will make IT admin happy and win over Vista. Time will tell.


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