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DotNetNuke Co-Founder, Nik Kalyani,  has added some new webinars to attend. The most popular is a demonstration of DotNetNuke. Here's the webinar information on that one:

DotNetNuke is the leading open source solution for website content management and web application development on Microsoft ASP.NET. Nik will demonstrate how easy it is to create and maintain your website using DotNetNuke. He will discuss the flexible open framework and show how easy it is to add functionality to your website by adding modules. He will also talk about the concept of skinning and how easy it makes customizing the look of a website for novices or website professionals alike.

Tom Kraak, from Seablick Consultion is doing one on Search Engine Optimization. Tom was recently at the Orlando DotNetNuke User Group meeting and he knows his stuff about search engines and DotNetNuke so you won't want to miss this webinar.

Join us as we discuss DNN search engine optimization with expert Tom Kraak. We'll start with the basics of SEO, then learn how search engines work and the difference between on-page and off-page SEO. Next we'll dive into a discussion on specific aspects impacting SEO in DNN and what you can do to ensure that your DNN-based website gets high ranking in search results. The session will last for one hour followed by a 30-min Q&A segment.

Nik is doing a good one on Module Development, Skinning, and an Introduction to the Professional Version of DotNetNuke.

Modular Development:

In this DNN Fundamentals session, we describe the process of creating a DNN module. Targeted to ASP.NET developers who want to get started with DNN module development, this session will help you understand how modules fit into the overall DNN framework, how they are developed, packaged and deployed. The session will use C# as the development language, but the concepts can also be used for developing in VB.NET or any other CLR-compliant language.

Skin Design:

In this DNN Fundamentals session, we describe the process of creating a DNN skin. Targeted at web designers who want to get started with DNN skin design, this session will help you understand the role of skins in the the overall DNN framework, how they are designed, packaged and deployed. We'll also visit some great-looking DNN-based websites and discuss the skins used on these sites.

Professional Edition Overview:

In this DNN Fundamentals session, we review DNN Professional Edition. We'll start with an overview of DNN's capabilities and architecture, then explore features specific to the Professional Edition. We'll explain why Professional Edition is important for businesses that want to use DNN for mission-critical scenarios and answer your questions about this edition of DNN.

Nik is a DotNetNuke pro and does a great job in his webinar training. All these are for free!

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