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Boon Lee, Director of KC Dev Con & Dev Manager Extraordinaire

What’s better than chatting with a multi-talented, hugely respected development manager like Boon Lee? Seeing his kids’ heads pop up in the video interview. Mini Boon Lee clones. This, my friends, is how we’ll take over the world…Mwahahahaha!!!

Anywho. We’re excited to have Boon share some of the tools he uses to keep track of and manage HUGE development teams worldwide. So welcome Boon Lee (our hometown hero) to the hot seat.

Best and Worst Advice

“Javascript will be a dead technology,” he says, shaking his head. “I honestly believed it for awhile, but look where it’s at now. That was bad advice. Javascript is alive and it’s a hot item now.”

The best advice came from Lee Brandt, one of Lee’s partners in organizing the Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC).

“This was, in fact, the first time I ever met him,” says Lee. “He said, ‘to become a good developer you have to have a thick skin. You write your code, throw it out into the world and let people rip you apart. Yes, you’ll have people that say your code sucks, but there are
others that help you make it better. As a developer, you’ll grow that way.’ ”

Growth is in the Air

As Kansas City continues to grow into the name, “Silicon Prairie,” Lee says there are some interesting startup companies to watch, including Stackify. One outgrowth of the tech boom has been the explosive growth of KCDC, from 150 attendees eight years ago to 1,602 attendees at the most recent conference.

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