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As we inject more new technology into our everyday lives, software development continues to be one of the most popular and fastest growing job fields. But have you ever really thought about the core essence of a developer’s work?

Software developers tend to think and work only inside the tasks they are assigned to. If they are to write a code on a specific project, they only work on the coding process. As the CEO of a software development company that has been in the industry for more than a decade, I believe that this attitude from developers results only in the loss of career growth. Why do we call them “developers”? Why not “coders” or “programmers”? Because the word develop implies that you are helping something to grow. Developers are supposed to help the whole project move forward and succeed, not just write a code and let it go.

Take a look at this average software development workflow:

Requirements -> Design (UX/UI/Graphic) -> Coding -> Testing -> Deployment -> Support

Developers must feel responsible for the successful execution of each step of the workflow. The overall success of their code depends on it. When they put themselves solely in the coding “box,” the quality of their work becomes invisible. It may look like they did a great job even if as a team they failed to deliver the solution the company needed.

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