TFS – Beginnings…

We’ve got TFS installed now, and we’re beginning to test it in the team… At present we’re only using it as a BugTracker / Doc share – and the reason for this is that in 4 weeks (or so) we plan to update the solution to VS2010 (from VS2008) and quite frankly, we can live with our current source control until that point.

Aanyhews, so far – so good, aaand (of course) so bad…

Coming from the current solution here (Service Desk) it’s a vast improvement, the bugs are (in my opinion) easier to read and maintain, though time will tell, at present there aren’t that many there.

But comparing to a bug tracking app like FogBugz, I feel I’m missing the overall picture, and that might be because I’m primarily using the VS2010 Team Explorer, and maybe I should be using the Project Portal more to get the summaries I want, maybe a start page in VS would be nice… Alas – if wishes were £1 coins, I’d be rich!

Not having admin rights to the TFS server itself (grrr) poses some issues – I’d like to look at modifying the templates properly. Fingers crossed I can get that soon…

Not a lot else to report at the moment, things are bumbling along at the moment…

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Gravatar # re: TFS – Beginnings…
by Ryan at 8/27/2010 1:34 PM

Have you looked at any alternative code versioning systems like SVN, Git, or Mercurial? I'm not saying you shouldn't use TFS for bug tracking and doc sharing, it's just that in my experience the code versioning part of TFS is quite painful to use.
Gravatar # re: TFS – Beginnings
by Chris at 8/27/2010 2:49 PM

Hey Ryan,

Yes, we're currently using SVN, and if VS isn't capable we'll shift around - personally, I'm a big fan of Vault. As this is an enterprise environment, DVCS's like git / mercurial aren't popular.

Whether the SCC aspect of TFS works is going to be down to all the team. Equally, what might be good for this project may not be good for another...
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