A while ago, (and by that I mean over a year ago now) I was catching up on the blogs I read and came across this post:

I thought – Awesomeness! I’ll give that a go… downloaded the app, and ran it, all good – but only on one monitor… :( I work with two monitors, and found that a lot of the time I’d end up with a no lines as I was on the other monitor…

So, I thought I’d give it a go and write one myself… I actually had a working version pretty quickly, but when I say working, what I mean is one of the most impressive memory hogs and (indeed) cpu hogs I’ve written…

Gradually improvements have come along, the cpu / memory issues are much much better due to suggestions from a few people over the time I’ve mentioned it, and there are still shed loads more improvements to come along, the list would be pretty epic.

So – why upload it now? Why not do those fixes and then publish it?

Basically – I will continually tweak bits here and there, and it’ll never be done so no-one else would be able to fix it :)

So here it is, it tracks your mouse, when you pause, and not a lot else, it works on 2 monitors, and should be fine on 1 or more! It generates a picture like this:



Which you can then combine with a PrtScn of your desktop, to get:


Anyhews, it’s at feel free to play with it etc, (there’s no build at present, so it’s source-code-build for now)…



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