Error: Unable to access jarfile d:\Databases\Neo4j

Cryptic. I’ve spent a large proportion of time on this, and straight off the bat – NO this is not the ‘windows-jarfile’ error of the old skool days. No, this is a pretty simple issue, my folder structure was:

d:\Databases\Neo4j Trie

Inside each a copy of the the ‘zip’ contents, with different configuration properties for the various things (ports etc) so I could run multiple copies of Neo4j at the same time.

All good.

EXCEPT I get this error from the “Neo4j Trie” folder when I try to run Neo4j.bat:

Error: Unable to access jarfile d:\Databases\Neo4j

I looked through the bat files, to no avail, then – a moment of inspiration! I rename the folder to:


And HUZZAH! We’re back in business.

Update: I'm pleased to say that this is fixed in the bat file so from the next release on, it shouldn't be a problem.

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