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While my buddy phat bastard is trying to grasp the subtler points of hello world and paying homage (pronounced Oh-Mahj) to one of the dumbest movies of all time, I was busy actually writing code that does something.

So far I have the basic game board designed, along with a random factor to improve replayability. No, it's not HA! 2.0 or anything like that, although I'm certainly applying some of what I learned there. If anything, it's closer to something resembling a Tank Warfare type game (oh no he didn't... oh yes he did...) except not actually with tanks. You'll see when it's done. I'm calling it Managed Chaos for now, but in the great Microsoftian tradition that's just a Code Name.

Also, in the spirit of open source (you do know that people will get to see your code, right Jason?) I'm not going to waste valuable time creating my own graphics when there are plenty of options freely available for noncommercial use.

As for my initial impressions on VB Express. I'm digging it, no doubt about it. Much like Jason, I had pretty much overlooked the Express Editions since I was using VS2005 full time already. I'm impressed at how much stuff they've managed to cram in there. If you're a student or hobbyist, you absolutely can't get a better package to start with... and of course now that MS has made them permanently free... there's no excuse NOT to grab a copy and check it out. (This goes double for all you guys running pirate copies of VS2005 you *borrowed* from work. Yes you, seriously. You should be ashamed. Try Express...)

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2006 7:49 AM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

Comments on this post: Managed Chaos progress report, Pt. 1

# re: Managed Chaos progress report, Pt. 1
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It's on Chris. It's on.
Left by George on May 19, 2006 8:35 AM

# re: Managed Chaos progress report, Pt. 1
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Spaceballs was wonderfully dumb...that's what makes it good! You of all people should understand the wonderous beauty of the bad movie!!!!
Left by Theo Moore on May 21, 2006 5:28 AM

# re: Managed Chaos progress report, Pt. 1
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oh I do... I didn't say it was bad, just dumb.
Left by Blogus Maximus on May 21, 2006 6:22 AM

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