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This year's groundhog day got off to a fine start.

Last night around 11PM, after postponing my flight 5 TIMES (from 7:30PM eventually to Midnight) American Airlines decided to cancel it due to "weather."

*weather is a nice little escape clause that absolves the airline of any responsibility other than getting you a later flight. It's their way of showing you exactly how little they care.

Had they oversold the flight (which they had) or had it been over the allowable weight (which, looking around, seems likely) or had the plane broken down, then we'd all be getting vouchers and hotels and food... not so with "weather."

Since the next available flight was at 6AM, there wasn't much point in getting a cab and hotel (at my own expense) so I spent the night in the airport. Specifically, I slept in a lumpy ass chair, with one eye open, huddling around my possessions so none of the other displaced travellers didn't help themselves to them.

Of course the irony here is that my fellow passengers weren't the ones I should be worried about. American Airlines is the real problem. In all the traveling I do, American Airlines has by far some of the rudest, surliest, absolutely inconsiderate, borderline hostile employees I have ever met.

The one upside to this is I finally got a chance to play Burning Crusade. I created a Blood Elf Hunter and got it to level 6 before I finally crashed for the night.

It's only just begun, but hopefully THIS groundhog day won't be anything like the movie. Lets just say it's one day I hope not to repeat any time soon (ever?) Posted on Friday, February 2, 2007 4:16 AM General Interest | Back to top

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# re: Happy Groundhog Day
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Hmmm - my Groundhog day got a little better than my 1st of February...but not much better than yours!

P.S. it kinda sucks sleeping in the airport like that...actually surprised they "let" you. I once had a cancelled flight out of Myrtle Beach and they actually tried to tell me the airport was closing and I had to go and about 15 other passengers with no hotels said "no way" and they "let" us sleep in the waiting area.

Kinda like you I didn't get much sleep because every so often I would open my eyes and make sure my stuff was still with me.
Left by Lou on Feb 02, 2007 10:58 PM

# re: Happy Groundhog Day
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I really enjoyed my Groundhog Day. I hope you all enjoyed your day. Great share! :)
Left by bcs national championship ticket on Dec 27, 2011 4:25 AM

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