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aka "Who gives a twit, really?"

As a technology geek and an "always on, always connected" kinda guy, I love twitter. I think it's a neat idea. The micro-posts, or tweets (tweets? twits? I dunno...), are an easy way to let people who actually care know what you're doing and where... without bothering the ones who don't care.

One message to Twitter via my gTalk, can easily save me from having to write (or copy and paste) 10 messages to the same people. It also saves me from having to have an actual conversation about whatever it is I just twittered... *most of the time.

*more on this in a minute.

It also gives rise to an interesting display of collaborative silliness, on occasion. Some of my buddies on twitter occasionally digress into writing episodic fiction over twitter with everyone on their list pitching in a few sentences. The problem with this is that if you aren't following everyone in the "conversation" you can get a pretty one-sided view of things. Can be a tad bit confusing.

Which brings me back to my asterisk (*) I know, you thought I had forgotten...

The problem with Twitter, is when people who don't really know you that well try to get all their info about you and what you're doing via Twitter. Case in point, my parents.

I'm not much of a phone talker. I do it because I have to. Chatting or Emailing with my mom and dad is a bit on the painful side. Dad doesn't say much, and mom... well, she suffers from the opposite problem. I have no interest in explaining/debating every post in this blog to them, or discussing my feelings to the nth degree, so this is out of the question. (I go so far as to trim my blog link out of my email sig every time I write them.)

That leaves Twitter. The problem is, Twitter is a brief mechanism. Ok, well it's not a problem for me, but I digress. The very nature of Twitter prevents me from being verbose. So I post "in the moment" as it were.

If I'm having a crappy day, I tell Twitter "having a crap day." When I broke through to the top posting count on GWB, I told twitter "I'm the king." When something at work wasn't, well, working... I told Twitter "Frack!" When Scott Belware is being an arrogant jackass (and really, when is he not?) then I told Twitter "Bellware is an arrogant jackass."

So now my parents think I'm bipolar (I'm not) or that I hate my co-workers (I don't, and thankfully Bellware is NOT a co-worker or I just might). I may be moody as hell, sure, and kinda all over the place (thank you ADD), but in need of medication? Definitely not.

So now, thanks to Twitter, I get the obligatory "Are you OK?!?!?!" emails from BOTH my parents, forcing me to have conversations I'd really rather not have, that typically involve my explaining the relevancy of my twitter posts to them vs other people, or to my job vs my hobbies, or just what exactly a Hellgate is.  I can't tell them "I'm the King" refers to my blog, because that will turn into...  "YOU HAVE A BLOG?!?" and well, it's all downhill from there.

Incidentally, my "I'm the king" twitter resulted in an email from Mom saying "I think you'd be an excellent king. Love Mom." which struck me as oddly hilarious and caused much LOLing at work, so now my co-workers probably think I'm nuts too, I'm sure.

Posted on Saturday, December 15, 2007 7:16 AM General Interest | Back to top

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