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The flight went smooth, although the first flight was 25 minutes late and thankfully the connecting flight was almost an hour late... so no worries.  I got to Seattle around 11:30pm and crashed around 2am.

First class was nice. It's funny how you get so used to things a certain way that even the smallest changes seem huge.

For example, more room. Usually in coach, as soon as the guy in front of me starts to lean back I put my hand on the back of his seat and apply just enough pressure to keep him from reclining into my lap. No such problem in 1st class... plenty of room for the laptop, even with the guy in front of me leaning back.

In coach, we're often crammed in 6 people to a row, but in first class, you have 4 people in the same amount of space... and the seats are SOOO much more comfortable.

In coach, you're lucky if you get an entire can of soda and you can forget about peanuts or free snacks... In first class, you get plenty of refills, freshly roasted (still hot) nuts, baked chocolate chip cookies, pizza, etc...

In coach, you're just "that jerk in 32C" but in first class, they address you by name. (would you like something to drink, Mr. Williams?  Why yes I would..."

As much as I have complained about American Airlines, they do a great job with first class. It's even sweeter because I used my frequent flier miles to book the tickets and I flew so much in 2007 that I was Gold, and the upgrade to first class was free.
Posted on Friday, January 4, 2008 10:09 PM General Interest | Back to top

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