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This post from Theo reminds me of some mandatory fun I've had at previous companies over the years.

My current employer hasn't done this to us, although one gig I was on did try it... nobody participated though.

One previous employer had a mandatory company dinner, spouses included, where they spent 45 minutes reading the vision statement to us and then presented us with our "special gift wrapped present" which was a mousepad that had the vision statement printed on it. All 6 sentences. (Yes, they actually spent 45 minutes reading it to us and giving their line-by-line interpretation.)

Another previous employer had "this isn't mandatory but we'll browbeat you into doing it" blood drives, and mandatory "doing good" days where we would have to go out and help a local charity. (Those were actually kinda fun... on the right team.)

One employer had a pet charity that we were all "really encouraged" to participate in. I like going for a walk as much as the next guy, but a 4 hour power walk in 80 degree weather, wearing a too-small tacky tie-dye isn't my idea of a good time. Ever.

Another company had a couple managers that REALLY enjoyed practical jokes, as long as they were the ones pulling them. Not so much the other way around... (we'll call this a life lesson on my part. They ended paying my unemployment though... so who really got the last laugh?)

Even as far back as the Navy, we had non-optional nonsense to contend with, such as the Shellback Ceremony, among others.

I never got the chance to hurl eggs at anyone though... I'm envious of Theo. Posted on Monday, April 28, 2008 5:37 PM General Interest | Back to top

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