Holy Cow Bat Man! –PASS Summit Keynote Day 1

Wow. There were a stack of announcements made at the key note. So I thought I would try to jot then down while I'm just waiting for my first technical session a Deep Dive on PowerPivot to start.

  • The Parallel Data Warehouse Edition of SQL Server 2008 R2 has been released to manufacturing, there was a demo with a query over an 800 Billion record table that was returning in 19 seconds on a 40 node parallel cluster.
  • Yahoo came up and talked about an SSAS cube of theirs, it's 12TB in size and they load 1.2TB every day with an average query speed of less than 10 seconds. The cube is loaded continuously during the day and they are looking to expand it to a 40TB cube in the near future.
  • As most of you may have heard the PowerPivot Vertipaq column store is moving into SSAS in Denali (the next release of SQL Server) – what you may not have heard is that it is also moving into the relational engine. Amir Netz did a demo showing standard SQL queries over a 2 billion row table in SQL Server that simply had a Vertipaq covering index created over it returning in seconds. This looks like being a game changer for real time BI and ROLAP. [Update: apparently Vertipaq indexes are not updated in real-time]
  • Project Crescent – a new interactive report building environment – keep your eyes open for information on this. You're going to have to look for videos – I can't do it justice in a bulleted list. Think of report builder on steroids with elements of Data Analyzer.

Print | posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 5:27 AM