February 2018 Entries

DAX Studio 2.7.2 Released
The lastest update for DAX Studio is now live at http://daxstudio.org This release includes a number of small enhancements and fixes including the following:Enhancement: Allowing "Unlimited" Dataset sizes from PowerPivot – previously results were buffered through an internal memory structure that had a 2Gb limit which resulted in most typical queries failing at around the 2 million row mark. We've now implemented a new streaming interface which removes this limit and have run tests exporting over ......

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DAX Studio recent Win7 SP1 crashes
We've just found out that a recent security update to the .Net framework in January 2018 for Windows 7 SP1 has been causing crashes in DAX Studio when accessing the File menu. Unfortunately this issue is outside of our control and affects any WPF based windows app which references the Windows Font collection (which DAX Studio does in the Options window)If this issue is affecting you the following link outlines the cause of the issue and some possible fixes https://github.com/dotnet/a... ......

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