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Over 6 months ago we released SharpBox 1.0.3 our last bugfix and service release. In the last few months we were focused on reworking our library core to achieve a couple of simplicity and feature goals. The importants goals from my personal perspective were:

  • Clear and stable service provider API which allows 3rd part vendors to implement new cloud storage protocols
  • Adding a well working WebDAV client in our API core to support all the webdav base storage providers by default
  • Bringing our different libraries together into one to make it usable as easy as possible
  • Unittest Suite which acts as a reference test suite for new protocol provider

In addition to this goals we worked together with a couple of cloud storage providers to support more services.Thanks to the the vendors who helped us to implement a wider protocol support. As a result SharpBox 1.1 supports the following provider officially:

As I wrote we added a WebDav core to our library, this means SharpBox supports every WebDav provider as well. We are working hard to support all WebDav specifications to 100%, so if you find a bug or missing feature let us know.

From the platform perspective this release offers experimental support for Windows Phone 7 and Android smartphones. Currently we are not far away from getting this things stable with your help. Offical Windows Phone 7 support is planned for the SharpBox 1.1.1 service release based on the feedback of the app developers who are using SharpBox in products currently (SimpleDropBoxViewer, LindyReader).

To be more DropBox license compliant we added special features to implement in your application the DropBox oAuth way of generating an access token. This is very important to get your application commited from the DropBox team. Check out the code arround the static class DropBoxStorageProviderTools and the discussion on our codeplex website.

Last but not least SharpBox 1.1 contains a long list of bugfixes and small enhancements. The following list gives a brief overview about the changes we did:

  • Feature - Support for a generic WebDav Storage provider
  • Feature - Support for CIFS and local filesystem abstraction (Experimental)
  • Feature - Support for Box.NET via WebDav - Issue 14277
  • Feature - Support for 1&1 SmartDrive via WebDav
  • Feature - Support for Windows Phone 7 - Issue 14682
  • Feature - Allow DownloadFile and UploadFile to return Stream and accept Stream - Issue 15033
  • Feature - Add support for WebExceptions and certificate policies - Issue 15095
  • Feature - Provider Configuration supports upload and download limits
  • Feature - Support for a web based authorization process (DropBox only)
  • Feature - Method to convert a public resource path into public dropbox uri (DropBox only for all files under the /Public folder)
  • Change - Better documentation and adaption to our .NET4 coding styleguide
  • Change - SharpBox consist of just one assmbly to make it easier to use the library
  • Change - Data will be written directly into the network stream, better memory support and real progressbar support - Issue 15462
  • Change - Exposed DropBox specific information and workflows, e.g. AccountInfo
  • Change - The WebRequest timeout is fixed to Timeout.Infinite, this allows very long up & downloads
  • Change - When the cloudstorage exceed the size limit a special SharpBoxException will be generated
  • Change - Allowed to build customn DropBoxConfiguration objects
  • Fix - Unable to perform multiple download simultaneously - Issue 15632
  • Fix - Wrong json timestamp to DateTime-class conversion - Issue 15748
  • Fix - File was not upload with the new name when the comfort API was used (thanks vsailo)
  • Fix - Missing JsonReader when compiled with MonoTouch 4.03 - Issue 15966
  • Fix - Reference to parent was set to null when renamed file was created
  • Fix - The new size of an uploaded file was not written into the length field after upload
  • Fix - Wrong encoding during upload of files with german umlauts - Issue 15718
  • Fix - When a user tries to access an removed file directly DropBox returns a datastructure with information about this file. This are interpreted as valid file

To support more quality and offer a broader platform support we need your help. We are looking around for people who like to share with us experiences in the mobile devices area. We hope to get more feedback what is missing to support a realy good usable library on the important smartphone operating systems.

Feel free to send us feedback via our codeplex site or this blog. You can download SharpBox 1.1 from here!

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Who can help get Skyfile storage API integrated?

It's using Amazon S3 as storage, should be a simple API to add, let me know.
Left by Jonathan on Jul 24, 2011 9:39 PM

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