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Canadians @ MVP Summit 2008

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Last Day of MVP Summit: Ballmer/Ozzie Keynote

Technorati Tags: Canadians @ MVP Summit 2008 Thursday was the last day of the MVC summit and it went out with a bang! We assembled at the convention centre and were treated to keynotes and question/answer sessions with Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer. The Canadians were assembled en-masse and we definitely made our presence known. This was the first time I'd heard Ray Ozzie speak, and although he'd definitely not the rah-rah guy that Steve is, he has the same thoughtful demeanour that Bill Gates has. ......

MVP Summit EMP Party - MVP's ROCK OUT!

Technorati Tags: Canadians @ MVP Summit 2008 Wednesday night was the party at the Experience Music Project here in Seattle. It was a *fantastic* time, where we had access to the entire EMP museum, the Sci Fi museum, great food, a free bar, rooms for Rock Band and Guitar Hero...but the BIG draw, the BIG ticket item was...KARAOKE! "Say what? Karaoke? That doesn't sound fun." you say. Well, what if its Karaoke with a LIVE ROCK BAND?! Oh yeah, then it all of a sudden becomes an event of LEGEND! So below ......