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It all started with Scott Hanselman...

Monday, March 3, 2008 8:27 PM

It started innocently enough...I was reading Scott's post about how he had been at Microsoft for 6 months and asked whether he was "evil" yet or not.

Somewhere during the comments there was a question posted about whether this meant that Scott's blog was somehow de-valued and whether people should consider his blogging tainted by the blue stain.

This of course triggered Justice's spidey sense to action, where he quickly dove to the lowest common geek denominator:

Any of you who say that
a) Scott is a Microsoft shill
b) you feel sexually violated now that you know Scott is getting paid by Microsoft to continue "being Scott"
are obviously people who have never slept with a woman in your lives.

Justice Gray

I then jump in and try to get Justice's mind off of this by posing a simple question: If Guthrie was the Fonze and Scott H was Richie, would that make Rob Conery Ralph Malph or Potsie?

And that my friends leads us to this...


Now albeit, this isn't my best work...and I couldn't find a good enough pic of the Fonze jumping the shark (sorry Scott...I tried), and forget the fact that contrary to what you might think that is actually Rob Conery's real hair, or that I look like Andre The Giant's long lost son...LOOK AT JUSTICE!

Why have we *never* seen this amazing lovechild of Conan O'Brien and Carrot Top before? Look how seamlessly his mug fits the airy red locks, almost but not quite giving him that ginger-kid appearance!

Justice...Dev Teach is coming up...You MUST grow this look!



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