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Vista Ultimate Focused "UltimatePC.Com" Launched

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 9:40 PM

Microsoft has released a new website specifically tailored for users with Windows Vista Ultimate.

www.UltimatePC.com has a collection of stories (case studies), marketing material, etc. around Vista Ultimate...and it clearly is meant to showcase the multimedia capabilities of the product as well as mac-like uses (graphics, arts, etc.). It also has profiles of various hardware that is built to run Ultimate.

One other thing it has is an area for extras and exclusives. These are add-ins that are made available to Vista Ultimate users only. So far there are only 4 (it is still a beta site), and many of you probably have Texas Hold'Em without even knowing it (I didn't realize it got downloaded).

A kewl feature is that you don't ever have to actually go to the site to get these "extras". If you go to Start>All Programs>Windows Update, you'll notice a new area on the screen...


You can then select whether the extras will download or not...very kewl...even kewler if we get *more* extras in the near future.



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