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Tech Ed 2008 BOF Voting - *NOW* You Have a Reason To Vote!

Monday, March 10, 2008 11:29 AM

You could almost see the tears in his eyes as he wrote the blog post. Rob Zelt, nestled at his computer, pleading for someone...anyone...to come to the aid of the Birds of a Feather sessions and take it from a "Well that was fun" level to "OMG, my head JUST EXPLODED from the amazing discussion!" I heard Rob's cries...and I'm happy to report, that the call has been answered.

Ok, so now that my dramatic intro is out of the way, the BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions have become one of the hallmarks of TechEd. It's a great opportunity to get together and just talk with other people about a common topic that matters to you. It's community at its best, and this year there's still opportunities for people to host a BOF session or attend. Here are the important links:

Click here to read Rob's awesome blog post about the BOF's

Click here to vote for the BOF topics that you want to attend (remember, the sessions need to have some interest to happen)

Click here if you'd like to offer up some sessions to host yourself! Don't freak out if they don't show up on the voting page right away. There's a review process that happens and your abstract will display in time.

Of course, I also have to plug the two sessions that I submitted:

ASP.NET vs. MVC - What's Your Take?

Microsoft has released the MVC framework upon the legions of ASP.NET web developers...but what does it mean for you? Are you concerned that Microsoft will be moving away from their established postback model? Should you switch focus to learning about this new framework and throwing away all you know about web development? Is MVC here to stay or just a fad? This discussion will be for those that want to discuss and debate the merits of both platforms and how they fit into your day to day development. Even if you just want to learn more and don't have an opinion yet, come and enjoy what should be a lively discussion.

Creating a Culture of Quality

We've all experienced workplaces that push us to deliver software quickly. In many shops, this means that quality of product will suffer. In this BOF we'll talk about how to make 'Quality' a key aspect in your organization. You should come out if you've ever thought: - I wonder how to convince my boss that we should be doing unit testing, even though it will increase the development time but reduce maintenance and bugs. - I'd like to increase my code quality, but I don't know what tools are available to help me - I manage developers, and I'd like to encourage them to adopt best practices, but how do I go about getting their buy-in? - I constantly fight with customer requirements because they change so often! Isn't there some way that I can make changes to my process without re-doing my entire design? - ;)*

*Note: that winking smiley at the end was supposed to say: <Enter your personal thought here> ;), but it stripped out the < > and the text between.



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