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Looking for Digital Camera Recommendations

Sunday, March 23, 2008 7:28 PM

So during my traveling last week I lost my camera. How do you lose a camera? Heck if I know. I put it in my bag at home, and when I got to Regina it went *poof*. The only thing I can think is that I took it out at Winnipeg airport when I was getting a book, set it on the chair next to me, then forgot to grab it when it was time to board. It sucks because it was a GREAT camera, both for pictures and video, but alas its gone and now its time to get a replacement.

I picked up a Casio Elixim (or whatever they're called), but the image quality was really poor compared to what my Samsung could do and I took it back. I'm thinking of going with Canon this time around or some other better name brand (I mean seriously, Casio? What was I thinking?!).

So any recommendations on a good indoor camera with above average video capability?



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Ever think that somebody lifted it from your bag during the baggage handling process or do you lock your baggage?

Not that much of a stretch.... 3/23/2008 7:49 PM | William

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Good point Will...I should mention that the camera was in my carry-on luggage, so the only time someone would have had a chance to snag it would have been at security...and way too many eyes there.

D 3/23/2008 8:30 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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Personally, I'm wanting to upgrade to the Canon 40D. Though you're probably looking for something more in the PowerShot line (if you're looking for video). Personally, I like the Canons better than most anything. They have the DIGIC image processor. Canon is (last time I checked) the only manufacturer in this range that is not using the CCD (still). The DIGIC (and CMOS) processors provide a much better (and deeper) image quality. My parents have a PowerShot and absolutely love it. Takes great photos (for a point and shoot). Good Luck in your Camera search. 3/23/2008 9:23 PM | Kyle

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I agree, Canon do seem to take spot on pictures. Although I like Samsung as well and often get better deals on Samsung, well in the UK anyway!!
Have you seen this from Canon...in the powershot range.
http://www.amazon.com/Canon-PowerShot-Digital-Optical-Stabilized/dp/B000V20R28 3/24/2008 11:18 AM | Steve Clements

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Hey, it depends what you are looking for man. I stick with Canon all the way. Canon has DIGIC processor like kyle said. It is the fastest processor out there i have a Canon A80 which is old school 4mp but the fact that you had a swivel lcd panel caught my attention. I have upgraded since and now i currently use a Canon Sd870IS, I like it because its sheek, thin and it has IS (image stabilizer) which ya you pay more but its good for no flash. I think if you want to do a lot of panorama and scenic shots then panasonic which is what my sister has has the smallest camera for largest optical zoom ratio. My SD870IS produces really clear 640 x 480 15fps videos, i can email you or show you some samples if you wish. If you want DSLR which is more upscale go for Canon EOS Rebels or Nikon D series.

Simply i think you can't go wrong with Canon imho. Sony is too expensive, carl ziess optics are decent, they are by far the best cameras built in cell phones for their sony ericsson line.

They also pack a lot of gimmics like smile detection which i mean is all cutesy and all like the t200 but you pay for that. As a computer guy i go for processor quality first.

hmm what else. Samsung i don't know much of. Olympus attacks the market with their ability to go underwater or their hard metal frames that take smackdowns to the pavement.

Kodak ...yuk

Casio, chicks (i hope i am not offending) liek those, or thats what i have noticed. They are very pocket purse very slim cameras with their xlixim line. They are small and compact, the lense is build in and when zooming it does not come out. Its more for bar and fun I think at least. I don't think its as tech speccy as the rest. 3/24/2008 12:29 PM | Henry Khaw

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p.s. check out www.dpreview.com

its good but becareful its a guideline as with all reviews, there are some biases. 3/24/2008 12:30 PM | Henry Khaw

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Hi, I am also looking for a camera for my husband. Sadly I do not know much about technology and my husband is very picky. My husband's biggest pet peeve is how slow the action seems to be. We have a toddler who we can never get to sit for a picture so the moment he is looking or smiling we take the picture but the process takes such a long time on our 'cheap' camera that most times we don't get the shot. Since we are also expecting another child I would love a much more higher end camera that will also take some video. Any suggestions, even just plain knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

10/28/2010 8:30 AM | Christine McLean

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