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Even more incentive to go to Tech Ed...

Friday, March 28, 2008 11:01 AM

So I didn't get the "golden email" saying that I was selected to work at Tech Ed this year (people who are chosen get a free pass to the conference in exchange for a few hours of work).


I just got the "golden email" tonight, so they were just out a day or so later than the advertised 26th cutoff!!! I couldn't be more stoked about the opportunity! :D


I'm still considering going though, although I was trying to justify the cost of flying down and hotel. You figure 5 nights stay plus airfare to/from Orlando (from Winnipeg remember) would be somewhat expensive. My first crack at it:

Airfare (return): Just under $600 (This was a surprise, thank you Air Canada!)

Hotel: $800-ish (obviously depending on the hotel, but at around 150/night this is what you can get)

So add that on top of the Tech-Ed registration and you're looking at about $2700 dollars. That's a lot of coin. I felt sad.

Then I went to Expedia. Wow...I can get a hotel AND *direct* flight from Winnipeg to Orlando, return, for under $800!

Now yes, the hotels that are offered are probably *not* the highest end of the spectrum, but who goes to conference to stay in a hotel?! Clean is all that matters to me (and ideally one of the hotels that has a shuttle to the event).

Anyway, just a heads up for those planning on heading down to the TE show.



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Wait...so are you going or what? 4/3/2008 6:56 PM | Justice~!

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