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Dev Teach - Markus Egger and Building Interfaces with WPF, XAML, and .NET 3.5

Thursday, May 15, 2008 1:49 PM

Live blogging the session with Markus Egger and WPF. First of all, seriously, Markus needs to walk around with a claymore or a broad-sword. He's got that Highlander vibe going on.

Anyway...soon to start...gotta try and figure out how to land a hotel close to where Chris Williams is staying at Tech Ed...

Hmm...I didn't know Markus founded CoDe magazine...kewl.

Win-Forms is frozen in time...WPF is the new UI platform that investment will be made into.

Benefits of WPF

- Usage of graphics processor which reduces the load on the CPU

- Integrated vector based composition engine

- Declarative programming

- Ease of deployment

XPS - Modern version of PDF format

Hmm...so there's more than just a win-form replacement going on here...there's also document layout.

Ok, no more ppt...let's get to coding!

Very kewl demo showing how you develop with the applications...recommended to do the visual piece in Blend and the coding piece in Visual Studio (you can link the two via the two designers).

Blend is actually built WITH WPF, which is kewl.

We need to get more graphical with our data...get away from accepting tables and text for graphical replacements that communicate the ideas much better.

You can check out the Xiine digital reader at their website.

Silverlight Beta 2 will be possibly at Tech Ed, with a final release possibly at the end of summer.

Silverlight 2.0 is really Silverlight 1.1 (they changed the name to 2.0)

Great primer session to WPF, how it works, and where the technology is going. Thanks Markus!


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