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NFL Week One Results

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:55 AM

Well I was on the mark for the most part…only had a few games overall that threw me:

Titans over Jaguars
Chicago over Colts
GB over Vikings
Denver over Raiders

Chicago over the Colts was probably the upset of the week, with the GB/Vikings game a close second. Vikings looked very green for a team that’s supposed to threaten the NFC North. Raiders was my emotional pick for the week…they’re like the Tiger Cats of the NFL: you just can’t not root for them.

Falcons are starting the next dynasty! Bring on the Bucs!


# re: NFL Week One Results

Enough of this BULL!!

You can't keep an MVP by posting about football!!

But you *can* keep your MVP by rising to the *CHALLENGE*!!


My code to enter is F-YAY! 9/9/2008 5:10 PM | Justice~!

# re: NFL Week One Results

Serves you right D'Arcy :) Never count out the Packers against a division rival :) 9/12/2008 10:21 AM | Rodney Buike

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