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New WoW Patch – Some of the Goodies

Saturday, October 18, 2008 10:17 AM

So the other night I sat down to play some WoW (World of Warcraft), and was greeted with an update notification. That’s fine…it happens…but OMG: 1.2 Gig!? Turns out that in anticipation of the new expansion, the patch leading up to the expansion was released. I finally got around to playing tonight and here are some new features I discovered.

Achievement Points

So one new feature is the idea of achievement points, which you get for hitting certain milestones. These can be, like the screens below, the number of quests completed or completing certain quests or gaining a level in a trade, etc. etc. Now…I’m not really sure what these achievement points get you…but it does add a new thing to try and achieve once the drudgery of experience and getting your epic mount has waned.

Picture 9 Picture 10

The Barber Shop

So you create your character, but after a while you think “Man, I wish I had picked a different hairstyle, or facial trait, or hair color.” Well now you have the opportunity to change your character’s appearance! Just find “The Barber’s Chair” (below are screens from the one in Ogrimaar) and for a fee you can alter your appearance!

Picture 11 Picture 12

Built In GPS

I didn’t know how else to describe this next feature. Before when you wanted to know where the closest inn was, or class trainer, or inn, you had to find a local guard and ask. Now, you have all the information right from your map navigation! By clicking the left most circle (it has an anvil representing a repair depot in the screens below), you get the menu shown which allows you to pick whatever you need. Then on the map, you’ll see the little yellow circles showing you where they’re located. Very kewl new feature!

Picture 13 Picture 14

Also notice in the screens above that there’s a calendar icon (look at the 15 in the top right corner). This will open a full month calendar view showing you what events are up coming (like any fairs, holidays, or other events).

So check out the features and let me know if you come accross any good ones that I haven’t seen yet.



# re: New WoW Patch – Some of the Goodies

Well, the mapping feature has been there for a while (although looking for low level quests is new, and going to come in handy as I try to finish off getting all my exalted reputation).

You did miss two biggies: 51 point talents (killing spree!) and inscriptions (the new profession for creating scrolls).

Oh, and for tourists, take a look in the NW of Stormwind and where Dalaran used to be. 10/18/2008 12:35 PM | Kent Sharkey

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