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Book Review – Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 12:41 AM
Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation Cover Image Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

Author: Jeff Paries

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Silverlight promises a rich user experience. Of course, that assumes that Silverlight developers are going to take advantage of features that enable the rich user experience to be realized. Developers coming from a winform or asp.net background will more than likely approach Silverlight with the same application biases of what is possible and what the limitations are based on past experiences. This leads to applications being written in Silverlight that look or act like a regular winform or asp.net page. Ho hum.

Jeff Paries fantastic Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation book helps developers overcome that hurdle and exposes a side of Silverlight that we all knew was there but maybe didn’t know how to get to.

The book is an immense resource, easing you in by introducing transforms, storyboards, animations, and animation techniques. Then as we’re getting our head wrapped around this, Jeff smacks us with coordinates, using trigonometry for animations (I kid you not…all that cos, sin, tan crap we wondered if we’d ever use from high school? Well here ya go), simulating 3D, collisions, kinematics, particle systems, and finally virtual reality!

Now you might be thinking that tackling a book with that breadth of topics and detail might seem intimidating. Luckily though, Jeff took a very hands-on approach to relaying the information. Everything in this book is communicated via hands on labs that you work through while he’s explaining the concepts behind the implementation. And these sample labs are AWESOME! The zip itself is 129 MB, and includes both the incomplete versions that you will modify as well as completed versions that are code complete!

Now keep in mind this is *not* a book for those new to Silverlight. While the guidance and code samples are very thorough, you’ll be better served to go through some introductory Silverlight books and get used to the Blend and Visual Studio environments for developing Silverlight applications. Jeff does have an introductory chapter with an overview of what Silverlight is, but the rollercoaster picks up speed pretty fast after that and some might feel overwhelmed.

Bottom line: Great book to showcase the animation capabilities of Silverlight and to help inspire developers to think outside the box for their next Silverlight UI.


# re: Book Review – Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

Man, I have to check this book out. Thanks for posting the review. 6/2/2009 3:03 PM | Don

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