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Willingly Expanding Scope on my Fatherhood Project

Sunday, June 20, 2010 10:36 AM

Today is truly a day for celebrations. 13 years ago today I married Michelle, so we’re celebrating our anniversary. Also, if you read my blog from last August, you know that we’re in the throngs of parenthood with our daughter Sadie being almost a year old…so this is my first Father’s Day!

But probably at the top of the list (not just for me, but for Michelle as well) is the news that our family is once again expanding! On June 30th our second daughter, Skylar, will be moving in with us permanently (currently been almost every weekend over the last few months)!

She’s a very energetic, smart, imaginative, and beautiful little girl that we’re incredibly blessed to have in our lives.

She’s 8 and into High School Musical, so I’m getting quite the education on Zack Effron, the Disney Channel, and I have almost the entire soundtrack to High School Musical 2 subconsciously memorized (I seem to find myself humming either “Work This Out” or else the theme to Abby’s Flying Fairy School from Sesame Street…).

I think, for my first Father’s Day, I got absolutely the best and most precious gift I could have ever imagined: an amazing family.

Michelle and Skylar getting ready for her Tinkerbell-themed birthday party.


# re: Willingly Expanding Scope on my Fatherhood Project

This is great news Darcy. I am really happy for you guys. 8 years old is a great age (my elder daughter turned 8 last October) and really a lot is going on at this age. It is a blessing for Skylar that she gets to live this time with you guys :) All the best!

Laurent 6/20/2010 10:47 AM | Laurent Bugnion

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