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Canada’s Tech Heart Beats – Winnipeg’s Emerging Tech/Startup Scene

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 1:46 PM

Winnipeg is known for cold winters, the Winnipeg Jets hockey team, and…well, probably not much else. To be honest, the prairies are typically ignored by Eastern and Western Canada aside from decade old stereotypes. But its always those you don’t expect that surprise and impress.

Over the last few days the Winnipeg technology and startup communities flexed their collective muscles to show that amazing things are happening in Manitoba, and that Winnipeg can’t be ignored anymore.

Hacking Health

The first ever Hacking Health Winnipeg event was held over the weekend, bringing technology, creative, and business people together with health care professionals to brainstorm solutions to health care problems and needs (article via ChrisD.ca on the event).

Global Day of Code Retreat

Amir Barylko along with others organized this year’s GDoCR – a day-long event where software developers get together to hone their skills in a collaborative environment. It was hosted this year in Ile Des Chenes, a community just outside of Winnipeg and home to Bold Innovation Group who are taking the Manitoba tech landscape by storm with their Shopify products.

Speaking of Bold Innovation Group…

This Manitoba success story picked up a national award over the weekend, taking the Lauriers de la PME Start-Up category! 

More Funding for Startups

The Manitoba government made some impressive announcements on Monday:

Three-year $300k grants to Startup Winnipeg, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing support and community for startups.

TechFutures, a program to provide financial assistance, training, and business counseling for up to 20 young entrepreneurs every year.

This is all fantastic news for the every-growing startup community that’s been building for the last few years, thanks to guys like Chris Johnson who really pushed the idea and formed it into what Startup Winnipeg is today.

Chris actually operates his own startup, Permission Click, which has been winning awards and is getting attention throughout North America. By the way, it was an idea that grew out of a Rampup Weekend event – the next one is November 21 – 23, go check it out of you can!

Winnipeg – Technology Conference Hub

This past October Winnipeg held the SDEC – Software Development and Evolution Conference, which brings technologists and Agile/Lean experts together every year.

This weekend the Prairie Developer Conference closed its call for speakers and will be announcing the March 2015 event lineup soon.

*Note: These events aren’t specific to this past weekend, but highlight that people from around the world are coming to Winnipeg to meet and discuss the future of technology, process, and industry.

What’s Coming in 2015?

There’s been a tension building for quite some time here – those that felt their options shouldn’t just be to “stay and settle” or leave for greener pastures. Manitoba has challenges like anywhere else, but its the tenacity and persistence of the citizens here to not accept the status quo that’s bolstering this new era of technology, business, and growth. Keep an eye on us, we’re just getting started.


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# Canada’s Tech Heart Beats – Winnipeg’s Emerging Tech/Startup Scene

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