This month we had two new speakers in South Florida!

On May 1st at Citrix in Ft Lauderdale, Vishal Shukla presented an Ajax based web application he and his two co-workers wrote for the Palm Beach emergency operations. He did a really great job of pointing out the user interface features that make the application easy for people to use just like a windows app.

On May 8th at DeVry Univeristy in Miramar, Max Trinidad presented an overview of various scripiting languages and tools including powershell and a little behind the scenes look at the scripting that Systems Center produces. Even better he brough a stack of CD's with the presentation and all the resources related to scripting for everyone to take home.

A big thanks to both Vishal and Max, hope to see you speaking at the next code camp... which we have tentatively set for Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.