Sheldon Cohen has organized a meeting at Host.NET on Thursday, May 31st.
Tracy Wittenkeller from T-Worx will be presenting at this meeting. He'll be covering DotNetNuke skinning. Skinning is one of the main reasons why so many people have decided to use DNN, with it?s flexible architecture and layout.

Please visit: to register.

It is good to see other groups forming, a very good sign! Looking at MeetUp there are a lot of web and computer technology groups in the area.

I have been using DotNetNuke .. , an open source project for certain customers for a number of years. Shawn Walker was the original creator working with IBuySpy as a base. Many hosting services like allow you to install nuke with a few clicks. A very convenient way to get a starter website and with a nice set of "skins" that you can create or buy will make a very professional site. It is all free. There are many modules both free and for pay are available.

Another application that is open but not quite open source is Community Server, by Telligent which was started by Rob Howard of fame. Thiis c# application is targeted at a community sites and includes blogs, forums and galleries. It to is free in it's simplest form but they charge money for standard, professional and enterprise versions that have more features turned on. I recently used it to make a very simple community site without any skinning at . Just wanted a place to dump pictures mostly. Community Server is also installable at many hosting services with a click of the button.

Both Nuke and CS are software platforms and allow you to create custom "module" to extend the functionality of the base product. Of course this may complicate upgrades but that is true of any custom software.

Don't forget the FlaDotNet meetings either:, maybe I should post on MeetUp too!