i missed the entering South Dakota report because I’ve been driving for the past couple of hours. Some beef jerky, peanut butter crackers and a bit of a nap revived me while Marc actually started to get tired!

About 600 or 700 miles ago we started to hear some funny noises from the front left tire / wheel and by Sioux City decided we needed to stop and have it looked at.

Sioux Falls South Dakota is at the intersection of I29 on which we have been comming north since Kansas City (I think) and I90 that we are going to head west on for a long long ways.

Timing was great, it was 7:30 local time and we were the first car in the Chevy of Sioux Falls dealership,  just a block off of I29 (thanks internet!).

They are checking it out, if it will be a short repair (like an hour) we will just wait and keep driving. If it is going to be a day long repair (hopefully no longer), we will get a room in the Ramada Inn across the street and take a nap for a few hours and a shower and meal.