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Postback 08302010 – This past week I met with a co-worker/friend of mine to discuss some of the WP7 Apps we’ve planned on creating this year. I think its best to really lay everything out on the table at the start of a project and get a firm grasp of what is needed to be programmed at the beginning.

I absolutely loved this process too and recommend it before any actual building of a project takes place. In our case we’ve had a few ideas that are pretty good and came to some interesting conclusions in the end. In fact if we hadn’t had this discussion, we might have built ourselves into a corner I think. So by all means, it pays to think ahead and plan out any project you might have.

What if you work alone you might ask? Well in that case I’d say at least try and find someone to give you an objective opinion and ask those “What if” type questions. Also try and think out of the box as much as you can and from the view point of an end user.

Its better to locate any possible problem ahead of time in the planning/prototyping phases then find yourself many lines into the code and headed in the wrong direction. Plus you might discover a feature you hadn’t even thought about from the start.

At least the mockup ideas are easy to create and destroy and lucky for us most of what we discovered in our meeting doesn’t affect most of the features we were planning for the App, but it also lead us to a few other administrative issues to keep in mind just the same.

WP7 Final Toolset is scheduled for release
Great news came out last week that the final Developer Tools is set to release on September 16th. Now this leaves a very short window, before the actual launch of Windows Phone 7 devices in Europe this October, 2010 and in North America for their November 2010 launch.

So if you’ve been working on Apps for sometime, you’ll need to make sure and grab these new Tools and make any changes that are required to run your Apps, before submitting them up to the Marketplace. The Panorama, Pivot, and Bing bits are also suppose to be made available with the final release of the Developer Tools.

Sitefinity work continues
On the work front, we launched our 2nd site that is using Sitefinity CMS and I’ll be looking at enhancements now and fixes for these sites. I might actually have a 3rd site to kick out as well real quick, before we look at converting the rest of our sites over to Sitefinity.

Testing the 4.0 Beta is now underway again, the first time I tried to run the beta it bombed out for some reason. Friday I downloaded once again and managed to successfully build a test site. Hopefully this week ahead I can actually get some hands on time testing out the new features, what I’ve seen so far is pretty awesome I’d say.

Well that’s all for this postback report.

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