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Postback 09202010 – Time for a reboot! Well its been awhile since I’ve done the blog thing over here at Dotgeek HQ. Lets just say that I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks and became a little more involved in other affairs.

WP7 Dev Tools RTM is out
Its official, the WP7 tools used to help build all those wonderful WP7 Apps have been released in their final form at last. With only a few weeks before the Mobile Marketplace opens up, its great to see we now have the final tools at last and even updated project labs to go along with it.

IE 9 Public Beta is out
The latest version of IE9 has gone into public beta and I’m enjoying the improvements very much. I’ve only run into an issue trying to use Sitefinity so far and had to resort to using another browser instead. Hope to see this improve soon. It has also fixed the problem I have in our Ticket System for job requests though. Looks like I traded one problem for another it seems.

CDMA and WP7 are on hold for 2010
Say it ain’t so Microsoft! Well my hopes of seeing WP7 on Verizon in 2010 have flown way out the window it seems. It appears that Microsoft is not ready for CDMA Networks at this time. That means T-mobile and Sprint users are on hold until this all is sorted and you’ll have to look at AT&T or T-mobile for any of your WP7 device needs.

Victor Gaudioso will be in Dallas September 25th and 26th
The first in a series of weekends with Silverlight related authors called "sharing the light" will take place this coming weekend.  If this works out well, hopefully we’ll see 4-5 sessions a year.  These will be one or two day events -- authors choice.  Please sign up for Sharing the Light - Victor Gaudioso dives into Silverlight Development with Blend at

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