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If you had asked me if I was interested in owning a Kindle device, then my response a couple months back would have been a flat out no back then.

So what has changed between now on then you might be asking me then? I would have to say watching my wife enjoy the many books in digital form has peeked my interest to start with now.

Was that enough for me to buy a Kindle though? Not just yet, but that is where the Windows Phone 7 comes in for me once again. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted this device and yes it does have a number of Apps that I think I’ll really enjoy.


The latest must have App for me, will most certainly be the Kindle App for Windows Phone 7, released from Amazon today. I’ve already started playing around with the PC version of Kindle software and I’m looking at purchasing any future books in digital form now. So it’s a given once I have a Windows Phone 7 device, that I’ll be enjoying some of my favorite books, while I’m on the go I think and via this App.

Tonight I actually had a chance to check out the WP7 Kindle App on a friends device and I was really pleased with how it looked and performed. Now if the planets could only manage to lineup for me and allow Verizon and Microsoft to come to terms on the releasing of WP7 CDMA devices, I just might be able to really enjoy some of this on my own.

Do I rule out ever having an actual Kindle device? Not at all, but I do plan on having the WP7 device well before that day ever comes though.

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