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Change comes and it’s a fact of life and there’s not much anyone can do about that. In some instances the change is good, but you’ll always find people divided where some will embrace the change and others will fight it.

So Microsoft has decided its time to make a switch up in the Hotmail Service, its not the first time they’ve made changes to the service. They are always adding and tweaking things as far as the service goes. So what is so different this time around?

For starters they are rolling out a new Email service called Outlook, one that has a more Metro look and feel. Whoops, that M term is suppose to be dropped from their terms now. They are going with a more simple and modern feel for their UI experience now.

Well I have Hotmail and I’m not looking to get another e-mail address, so what does it really mean? Well in time they will kill off the Hotmail service and make everyone switch to the Outlook service. You’ll be upgrading and migrating your account from one to the other when this is done.

Here’s the kicker, they are not auto setting up or saving your MyNameAs@Outlook.Com address. That means people can now snag up something you might already have. In turn if you switch your Hotmail over to a MyNameAs@Outlook.Com address, that means your MyNameAs@Hotmail.Com goes away.

So you might not be cool with all of that. For starters if you’ve used Hotmail for as many years as its been around and have a lot of people knowing that address, you might not want to loose it. On the other side you might not be cool with missing out on the new Outlook address or having someone pick it up and perhaps try and pass themselves off as others.

So the answer is simple. Microsoft is not killing off the old address, you’ll just get a new set of tools and UI for the old address. None of the e-mail will be lost and everyone can still e-mail you as normal.

What you should do is setup a new e-mail address to mirror the Hotmail and then you can forward that address. So you can migrate as you like and in the end perhaps have the old Hotmail address forwarded to the new.

Problem solved and Microsoft gains twice as many e-mail users in the end. Hope they are cool with that and can handle all of it. Perhaps they could have made this easier by auto setting up this and allowing both addresses to work. In the end, its up to the users to find ways to make it work for them.

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