September 2011 Entries

What do I expect from Build Windows?

Well, quite a lot actually. The fact that the official agenda is completely empty (they're not even telling us who is doing the keynote ontheir website) leaves us with wondering what will happen. Of course, this means that people are getting more and more anxious to see what is going on and the blogosphere is filled with rumors. Which ones will be true is something we'll learn next week. I expect we'll get a lot of information about Jupiter. The new development platform is something that interests ......

Build Windows, 13 - 16 september 2011

I will be attending Build  Windows next week.

It's a funny thing: there is literally nothing known about the contents. Well, there is: it's going to be about Windows 8 and Touch. When I read that last part (the Touch part) I knew I had to be there...

So, keep an eye on this blog and I will let you know what happens! You can also follow me on twitter @dvroegop for real time information.

Stay tuned!