June 2012 Entries

Charms and the App Bar

Ok. I admit. I made a mistake in the last post about our planespotter app. I have dedicated a full part of the hub to Social. I also had a section called Friends but that made sense since I said that “Friends” is a special group of people that connect to each other through our app and only our app. Social however is sharing our spots with Twitter, Facebook and so on. Now, we could write that functionality in our app in a different section but there is one small problem with that: users don’t expect ......

Navigation in Win8 Metro Style applications

In Windows 8, Touch is, as they say, a first class citizen. Now, to be honest: they also said that in Windows 7. However in Win8 this is actually true. Applications are meant to be used by touch. Yes, you can still use mouse, keyboard and pen and your apps should take that into account but touch is where you should focus on initially. Will all users have touch enabled devices? No, not in the first place. I don’t think touchscreens will be on every device sold next year. But in 5 years? Who knows? ......

How to begin? Windows 8 Development

Ok. I convinced you in my last post to do some Win8 development. You want a piece of that cake, or whatever your reasons may be. Good! Welcome to the club! Now let me ask you a question: what are you going to write? Ah. That’s the big one, isn’t it? What indeed? If you have been creating applications for computers before you’re in for quite a shock. The way people perceive apps on a tablet is quite different from what we know as applications. There’s a reason we call them apps instead of applications! ......

Why bother writing an Windows 8 app?

So you want to know more about development for Window 8. Great! There are lots of reasons you should be excited about this. Since I don’t know why YOU are interested in this, I’ll make a list of reasons people can choose from. (as a side note: whenever I talk about Win8 development I am referring to the Metro Style / WinRt side of things. Apps for the ‘classic’ desktop side of Win8 on Intel are business as usual…) So… Why would you care about making an app for Windows 8? 1. It’s cool. Let’s not beat ......

Developing Windows 8 Apps


So it’s all set up now.

Windows 8, Build 8400 Release Preview: check
Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Release Candidate: check
Windows Live Writer: check
An audience (yes, that would be you): check
Lots of ideas: check

Be prepared for a series on Windows 8 development. Yes, it’s touch so it fits this blog, right?


Everythings changes, except that it doesn’t

You may have noticed this. Microsoft launched a new product this week. Well, launched is a strong word, they announced it. They call it.. The Surface! What is it? Well, it’s a cool looking family of tablets designed for Windows 8. And I have to say: they look stunning and I can’t wait to have one. There’s just one thing.. The name..Where have I heard that before? Why, indeed! Yes, it is also the name of a new paradigm in computing: Surface Computing. You may have read something about that, here on ......