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For a while now, if we have been around SQL Server we got used to the different sample databases that were provided.  From Pubs to Northwind to AdventureWorks.

In order to get the AdventureWorks samples we need to go to CodePlex and download the one that corresponds to the version of SQL Server we are working with.  The link to the download site here :

Now, on to the installation.

Once you download the appropriate file, double click and launch the  installation process.


Which in turn becomes this


You will need to accept the license terms to continue

Then you will select the component of the sample content to install.  The OLTP content (relational DBs, in blue) will install and be ready to go once the install completes.  The OLAP content (Analysis services content, in orange) will require some additional steps to complete the installation process.  Important to note is the option to select the Instance where the Databases will be installed to.


Installation process begins


It completes, then click Finish


This is how the content gets installed.  The next post is about getting the Analysis services content deployed.

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