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From your Add-ons, select your instance:


A couple of pieces of information to get here:

1) Your Connection info

2) General management details of your subscription with SuccessBricks

To get your connection info, click on the Connection Info toolbar at the bottom of your Management Portal.


That reveals the following to be able to use the connection string in your apps.


Now, to get additional details on your subscription

Then click on the right-pointing arrow to review your add-on’s settings:


This will take you an information page about your add-on, now click on the Manage your add-on option


Now, you have been redirected to the SuccessBricks website. Now you can review information on your subscription.


Now you can review information on the Dashboard, which describe the size of database and subscription status. By clicking on the database name you will get back to the Dashboard view.


And from there get information such as the Endpoint Information.


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