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Bill Evjen's Blog Code, Life and Community July 2006 Entries
Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Special Edition
Oh yeah .... Scott Hanselman beat me to the punch, but Mission “Build Biggest Book Possible” has been completed! Our Professional ASP.NET 2.0 book from Wrox just had to get bigger with all the cool stuff we wanted to add. 300 new pages! So big, that we could only offer the book in hardback because they don't make bindings big enough to handle all the pages (~1,700). Its called, Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Special Edition (because it is just so special). :) And as was stated by others: Here's ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 19, 2006 2:07 PM

.NET 3.0 July CTP Released
So many releases ... so little time. The July CTP release of .NET 3.0 has been put out. Some links: The Annoucement .NET Framework 3.0 July CTP Runtime Components Windows SDK for .NET Framework 3.0 July CTP Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Release Candidate 4 .NET 3.0 July CTP Read Me File Determining Which Build of Windows Vista and .NET 3.0 Development Tools is Right for You Windows Communication Foundation Virtual Labs ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:49 PM

RTM for ODP.NET for ADO.NET 2.0 Has Been Released! Oracle has released ODP.NET for those that need to work with Oracle from their ASP.NET applications, Windows Forms applications, and more. This is what you would use for your .NET 2.0 applications as well. This release includes the following: Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Oracle Data Provider for .NET 1.x Oracle Data Provider ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:20 PM

XPath Tool for Visual Studio from DonXML
DonXML has brought us a new tool called Xpathmania for Visual Studio that allows you to easily query XML documents using XPath (of course). Excellent job Don!

Posted On Monday, July 17, 2006 3:41 PM

Google is the word!
Was that a quote from Grease? Well, anyway, when I heard that Google had become a word in the Oxford dictionary, my first thought was if you were using the MSN Search engine, could you say you were “Googling” on MSN? Looking at the new definition, it seems not. The definition is: Google as a verb is defined in the dictionary as; intr. To use the Google search engine to find information on the Internet. trans. To search for information about (a person or thing) using the Google search ......

Posted On Thursday, July 6, 2006 12:19 PM

EXCELLENT TUTORIALS - Building a 3-Tiered Data Architecture with ASP.NET 2.0

From Scott Mitchell ... outstanding! 

Posted On Monday, July 3, 2006 6:50 AM

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