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I will begin this in the traditional, blunt fashion that you've come to expect from me.

I am an idiot.
There. I said it. I'm not a proud man. I can admit when I invoke my inner moron.

Now, ask you, why all this build up? Simple, remember that impression of the Visual Studio 11 Beta from last week? You see, it turns out, I didn't install the Visual Studio 11 Beta that was released a few weeks ago. I installed the Visual Studio 11 Developer's Preview from last September.

It was a simple mistake. A fine mix of fatigue, multitasking, and Google auto-complete managed to put something that looked reasonable in the result list. However, this led me to give the Beta an unfair shake.

When I installed the actual Beta, the install happened fine. My simple little "Hello, World" program ran with incident.

I will say that I hate the new interface. I mean, i really hate the new interface. I hate the new interface so much, that, if they still existed, I would use the blink and marquee on the word hate. That's a lot of hate.

My beef with the new interface is the complete lack of definition. I can deal with a lack of color. Expression's interface does suck, it's just bland. However, the various components of the 11 Beta lack any discernible definition. You are simply assaulted by a constant barrage of either light grey or dark grey.

Now, these are merely first impressions. I still need to go through all the settings with a fine tooth comb. However, I still have to finish preparing for Code PaLOUsa this week. When I get the time, I will report back to you.

Speaking of which, there are a few more tickets left for Code PaLOUsa. This weekend in downtown Louisville. Come the the XNA, stay for the NCAA tournament. OR, if you're like me, Come for the XNA, stay to see the Mythbusters at the Louisville Palace on Sunday evening. Tickets are still available...

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