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I would like to take a moment and talk about my 2008 Christmas experience.

My wife and I have all of our basic needs (and more) and we currently have no children.
Our nieces and nephews are also well taken care of so we wanted to do something different this Christmas.
We have been lucky as the poor market conditions have not hit us personally but we know there are likely many families that have been.

We decided this year for Christmas we were going to find some children that would not be receiving gifts and visit them.
There is a local organization called 'Kids House' that accepts children under 12 that are recently taken from their homes while they are in 'transition' to foster parents or an orphanage.

In most care homes / orphanages the Canadian Government provides gifts to those children.
We called Kids House and the care worker said she had 4 kids that will not be receiving gifts because they are between the registration period; 3 of these children were from the same family.

Christmas morning we went to Kids house with treats and gifts from Santa and us.
When we entered the home, one of the kids asked 'Who are these people?' I replied 'Santa sent us'.

Kids House just opened in September 2008 so they didn't have many community toys, the children themselves had next to nothing.
A co-worker of ours donated a couple kids board games to the house.
We gave these 4 children simple gifts and you can see from their expressions we made their day and possibly a great experience for their entire life.
Kids House took pictures and will give them a copy for their scrapbook; I attached a couple of pictures so you can see the joy in their faces for yourself.

The moral of my story is just a reminder to remember the less fortunate.
You don't need to go and find less fortunate children like us, there are many organizations that will do the middleman work for you.

My call to action is take a look around, you or your family may have things around the house that you do not need or use anymore.
There is likely a person or organization that can use any furniture, toys, etc that you no longer find useful.



Seasons Greetings and God Bless,

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