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Welcome to Dev.Hell. I'm the Advocate, but you can call me Jason. Other people call me a complaining nerd. It's all good.

For the last 8 years I've been a professional Windows applications developer.

I live in Australia, although I just spent five years working in the USA. I've worked your standard client/server n-tier database apps, I've worked on CAD/engineering applications, I've worked on network security apps, and right now I'm working in the physical security space. I have a couple of side projects that I can't or won't talk about here. I've worked for tiny companies of fifteen souls or less, I've worked for public companies with thousands. I've worked solo and I've worked on teams of five, fifteen and fifty. I've been the junior guy, I've been the behind-the-scenes-emergency-fixer-upper-guy, I've been dev lead and architect. I've mentored younger guys, filtered resumes, and tested developers twice my age in interview situations (which has been both embarassing and educational). I've seen quite a lot of stuff in a relatively short career.

I'm mostly a Visual C++ guy these days, although I do a bit of C#/.NET. 

I am also a writer. I write prose, I write comics, I write articles about comics. If you're interested in that, you're more than welcome to check out my main website. I've decided to shift my blogging about technology matters over here because I'm looking for a more appropriate audience that the comics crowd that read my other blog, and I will indeed be retooling and some of my old postings from there for this blog.

So that's my professional resume. Here's my rationale:

I'm a committed developer. It's what I do; I don't want to be part of the business side of things...  but I live and work in the real world, and business wants to be part of what I do. While I do enjoy getting paid every week, the results usually aren't pretty. I love writing software, but these external forces just make everything so damned difficult. Hence this blog: I want to explore the tension between engineering and business, government, finance, education, and that Klingon-speaking, caffeine-swilling, acne-encrusted beast we lovingly call Development Culture.

I'm not going to get especially technical--there's plenty of venues for that already all across the length and breadth of the internet. I'm sure if anything particularly  interesting or aggravating crops up it'll find it's way here, but that's not really what I want to do on this blog. I want to raise awareness of how the Industry succeeds and fails, where it all seems to be going, and what has to happen befire we can dig our way out of Dev.Hell and ascend to Tech.Paradise.

See you in the funny pages.

-- JF

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde
"Opinions are like assholes--everybody's got one." Dirty Harry

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Great first post! Looking forward to more.
Left by Scott on Jun 25, 2007 11:23 PM

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