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Dude, I'm getting a Dell :D

Actually a Dell Insprion 8600, and it's about time.  Some of you may remember my run in with my backpack and laptop with the wireless card hanging off the side.  Running in and out of sessions, I just put it in the wrong way and crack, no more wireless card.  Since then I have went through another with the same results.  This one has integrated wireless (centrino rules!) and a pretty hefty processor to boot. 

I ordered it originally online, but for some reason it considered me a business for Dell Financing and declined Geekswithblogs as a business.  I don't have a business, so don't require me to fill in a company name!  I decided then to call it in.  I told the lady on the phone I wanted a refurbished Insprion 8600 and asked what she had.  As a sales person would, she wouldn't let me get a refurbished machine that they could still make.  She tried and tried to talked me out of it, but I wasn't going to pay the extra $300 for a identical machine.  So I didn't.  She set me up with a new machine, identical to the refurbished, for the same price.  Not bad eh!  I can't wait to see what my Samsung 17in flat panel can do with more than 8mb of video memory. 

I don't want to just put my old one in a box, and it is too old to sell (1.13ghz pIII).  To bad it can't run Longhorn, or I would try that.  Maybe I will make it a Yukon box for XQuery presentations I hope to do this year.  I have two more RSS presentations, DevDays in Kansas City, and then I want to start fresh with some new sermons about XML technologies for .NET.

Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2004 9:22 AM , .NET , Xml , Personal | Back to top

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