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Jason Beres and Andrew Flick have been discussing their feeling on the Imagine Cup and I agree with everything they are saying.  I would like to say that I agree from personal experience, but I didn't have the luxury of judging at a competition.  The Kansas City area had 3 competitions canceled because of lack of contestants.  Yeah thats right, not enough student interested in winning $25,000.  Crazy!   I think it is the lack of .NET course ware in the area though, because .NET to most schools in this area is an introductory class, and Java with all it's might and power (sorry, laughing too) is being taught in the senior level courses.  With the trend of .NET gaining much needed respect in the industry, these schools need to jump on the bandwagon.  Maybe next year I will get to judge one and let you know my feelings, but for now, use these post (Jason and Andrew) to decided how we can help Microsoft next year.

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