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Scott Watermasysk pushed a new version of Community Server :: Blogs to tonight giving them comment moderation. The only problem is this quote, "This build is not ready for mass consumption yet, so I am not sure if/when it will be released to the public". I hope this will not be a length process to package up into a new build. I know it would have to be a major pain since the .Text source has most likely changes since the last release in January, but we definitely would like to see this ourselves at

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It's not really a matter of time to package it up.

The "quality" is just not there yet. There is a lot of really good stuff (in my biased opinion :) coming out of Community Server in the next couple of months. So now it is a matter of trying to balance small short term gains with the big (cool) picture.

Left by Scott on Aug 07, 2004 11:28 PM

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