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We are still under development, so this is not a beta release to the public, but I thought I would let you in on what we are coming up with.

This is a sample of the first piece we are adding to Geekswithblogs 2.0, Customizable Feeds.  We will have a tool that will allow you to search through all the bloggers on the site and pick the ones you would like to aggregate.  Also, the site will have the ability to create several of these feeds so you can separate the bloggers into your own categories.  This example is a feed of 8 bloggers I have selected and the latest 25 posts from them.  Once the tagging system is completed after the release of this portion, it will be added to the customizable feeds allowing you to select bloggers and tags for your feed.

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Oh sure, show everyone just who "Jeff's pet bloggers" are, not that I'm jealous or anything it's just that that Olson, he's everywhere!
Left by George on Sep 28, 2006 1:05 PM

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