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Dru Sellers recently tagged me on what I would do to become a better developer so here it goes:

  • Get on SubText 1.9.5 - Running a growing software consulting firm is hard.  Even with John at the helm with me, it takes a lot of time.  This is one of the first acts I need to become a better developer due to the fact that is will require a high level of involvement with reviewing the code changes and merging the differences.  Plus there will be an additional need to really get the most out of the new tagging feature.
  • Getting Better Sleep! - Doesn't sound like something that will make me a better developer, but lately I have been doing 5-6 hours of sleep per night and I know that all the studies say sleep helps with concentration.
  • SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint - This product has so many different areas of focus that are required to be an expert developer.  To force myself into learning more about all the smaller areas I need to dive into, and the core Office Product, we are launching an Office Developer User Group in Kansas City (Site Coming Soon).  We will announce more details about this group next Tuesday at the .NET User Group of Kansas City

All I have time for now, however, I will challenge Doug Butscher and John Alexander to create their own list.

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