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images In the spirit of posts about joining the different communities, I wanted to chime in.  So the question is should I blog?  My answer is absolutely.  Even if you only contribute a post ever month, I still feel it is a worthwhile activity to participate in.  I see a lot of registrations from individuals on where they state that they read blogs all the time and feel it is time to give back and I think that is excellent.  You don't have to aim to be the best blogger in the sphere, nor do you need to feel bad if you didn't write a post today, the idea is to publish content when you have it.  Using tools like Windows Live Writer to create your posts will allow you to start a thought and not force it to be published until you are done with the local draft saving.  This is the same process I used when I was writing for DotNetJunkies and it works very well with blogging as well. 

Where should I blog?

Well I have a bit of a bias as the founder of, but you should definitely find a place where you voice fits in with the crowd.  Here on Geekswithblogs, we have a wide range of voices.  We see a lot of BizTalk, SharePoint, and ASP.NET posts here as well as us trying to introduce the community into the realm of the IT Professional.  My favorite IT blog is Chris Haaker hands down.  If you are interested in registering with us, use this link and fill out the form.  Remember to take is seriously as I walk through every request and weigh it against the community.


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Thanks for the shout out Jeff! :)
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